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 Character Bio: Lor

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PostSubject: Character Bio: Lor   Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:51 pm

Name: Lor
Nickname(s): None
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Rank: Subordinate
Coat: Her coat is rather ill groomed, giving her a rather "mangy" and "scruffy" look.
Pelt Color: A mix of rust oranges, cream and grey. Her coat is mostly rust orange, but with pieces of cream and grey patches scattered through her pelt.
Specific markings/scars: She is best defined by the partial grey mask on her face and a slight tear in her left ear.
Eye Color: Orange
Build: Long and slender with thin legs.


Lor is a bit of a free spirit. She likes to what she wants, when she wants. She often finds herself pushing her boundaries on others, but once someone gets to know her she is rather kind. She is fiercely loyal to her Pack, she will fight with her life. She also holds a "bite first, ask questions later" philosophy. Even with her free spirited nature, she knows when it's appropriate to listen to her superiors.

Weaknesses: Bad listener. Physically Weak.
Strengths: Loyal. Good Hunter. Mellow Temper.
Likes: Chasing Coyotes. Patrolling the Territory. Hunting. Sleeping.
Dislikes: Coyotes. Bears. Water. Intruders.
Family: None
Friends: None
Enemies: None
Lover Interest: None
Wanted Rank: Beta or Alpha
Mate: None
Pups: None
Other: Lor is a Himalayan Wolf


Lor has been with the Pack for about six months now. She was a loner before she joined and doesn't recall much of her past. She remembers being raised by her parents and belonging to a Pack before, but once she was a year old they tossed her out. At first her new found freedom was great, but she quickly became lonely and bored. She longed for somewhere to belong and for something to protect other than a fresh kill. When she stumbled into the Silent Shadow territory, she wasn't sure if she wanted to join and they didn't seem to sure about her either. Her constant harassing of others and snide jokes made her difficult to tolerate, but her easy going nature and fierce instinct to protect were positive qualities that made up for her bad ones. The rest of the Pack found it easy to ignore her if she was sent out on frequent hunting and scouting trips. Which didn't bother Lor any, she was happy having a purpose even if she isn't that well liked.

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Character Bio: Lor
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