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 WolfQuest Thread

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PostSubject: WolfQuest Thread   Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:06 pm

sıℓεηt shα∂σωs
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Founded | November 8, 2015

You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows,
to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.


    Hello and welcome to the Silent Shadows Pack! The quote you read above has nothing to do with the pack even though it has shadows in it.. it was just a nice quote. Anywho, this is another attempt at creating a pack. My activity may not be 100% but I'll try my best with posting frequently. If you decide to join, then that'd be great. Anyways, enough of that and more about the pack..Thank you for taking an interest in the Silent Shadows. This is (or will be if members join) a friendly community based in mountains/meadows (no specific area, I'm not very good with details like that.) The theme of the pack isn't dark, despite the name, it took a while to come up with it. So who ever you are, wanderer, I hope you choose to stay, as a member, friend, alliance, etc. Anything you choose will be welcomed happily.. even enemies! I am Chelsea, one of the founders/ Dominants of this pack. All ranks will be available to the members, including higher ranks. A website has not been made due to the fact that I am not good with that either.. so in the future if any member would like to make one that'd be great. Roleplay will take place on the website.. It will be simple roleplay that can include events, drama, etc. ON THE WEBSITE. I will attempt to make one for the time being.. If players are able to, we will play on multiplayer on the wolfquest game. I hope you decide to stay(:

Pack Information

    Total Members | 4Pack Founder | Chelsea (-Cimi)Pack Colors | ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴Pack Website | UnavailablePack Banner | UnavailableNewest Member | Lor!



Please respect every member of this pack. It is important to build a community. If a person is being rude please notify a founder/dominant so we can take care of it rather then being rude back. It can help you avoid a problem. Disrespect will not be tolerated. Please keep that in mind when applying. Warnings will be given out but there is a limit to that.


Please be as active as you can. This pack cannot grow on inactivity. Warnings will be given out to those who fail to be active. Notify me if you need to be placed on EFA. A reason is not necessary for this.


Please keep profanity out here, the website will be more lenient. But here and now please keep that away. Make sure you follow all of Wolfquest's rules and guidelines as well!


To keep roleplay from being boring/short a minimum of 100 posts will be required. Chat talk will not be allowed in roleplay topics. Outside of topics it will be allowed.


I'm trying to keep this pack roleplay fairly realistic, so please no unrealistic things such as powers, wings, purple eyes etc. Clothing items will not be allowed either. Jewelry will be accepted (Ear ring) as well as green, blue eyes, etc.


Just try to help keep this pack friendly and active. Contribute and help to keep it going. Always be kind to your packmates.


    Male | ♂Female | ♀Active |  ✔ Semi Active | ✔Not Active | ✔Trusted Member | ✦Excused For Absence | EFAMember of the Month | ☀Warning Given | ✕


    The rankings determine where you stand within the pack. You do not have to earn your place in the higher rankings, just make sure you do good in them. Each rank has a different limit to how many can be apart of it. So it is first come first serve. Changes are available so if you don't like what you chose, don't be afraid to change it later on(:

    The Alphas/Dominants

The alphas are the top wolves of the pack. They make sure everyone is doing well and they keep the pack running. There are only 2 availabe spots. 2 females can be in both positions, as both just make sure the pack is doing okay.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to come to them.

    ➢ Chelsea (-Cimi) ♀ ✔  ✦➢


The betas are second in charge. They help the Alphas run the pack. Like the alphas there are only 2 spots available. If the alphas are unavailable or not
around come to the betas with your questions/ complaints.

    ➢ Consiren (silvernight321) ♂ ✔  ✦➢ Septimus (_Nimbus_) ♂ ✔  ✦


The warriors defend the pack. There is a lead warrior, and 3 other spots available for this rank. Warriors defend the pack from common predators, wolves, and other packs.

    Lead Warrior ➢➢➢➢


The subordinates make up the rest of the pack. This rank has the hunters, healers, and pups. Basically this is the general ranking. There is no limit to how many can be here.

    ➢  Lor (Ossiekins) ♀ ✔  ✦➢➢

    Wanderers (Friends)

The wanderers are the wolves who have taken interest in the pack but are not looking to join due to their own reasons. Again, there is an unlimited amount of spots available for this..



Alliance/Enemy Form
[font=Courier]Pack Name |[/font]
[font=Courier]Pack Link |[/font]
[font=Courier]Pack Website |[/font]
[font=Courier]Pack Leaders |[/font]
[font=Courier]Alliance or Enemy? |[/font]

Pack Friend Form
[font=Courier]Username |[/font]
[font=Courier]Wolf Name |[/font]
[font=Courier]Gender |[/font]

Wish to become apart of the pack? Fill out this form!
[font=Courier]Username |[/font]
[font=Courier]Wolf Name |[/font]
[font=Courier]Gender |[/font]
[font=Courier]Wolf Age |[/font]
[font=Courier]Ranking of Choice |[/font]
[font=Courier]Did you read/understand the rules? |[/font]
[font=Courier]Activity level (1-10, 1 being the lowest) |[/font]

    Thank you for your interest in this pack. I truly hope you decide to join and i hope this wasnt too long or boring(:

Not sure if the name is being used by any current packs, if it is tell me so I can change it. Please do not copy ANYTHING from this post without my permission. It took a long time to make and I really do not want any conflict. If there is anything on here that you think I have taken please pm me so we can settle it there, everything on this post is of my creation. If there is something you'd like to use please do not hesitate to ask and give credit if you use it AFTER you ask. Thank you.
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WolfQuest Thread
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