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 __:Brooks Bio:__

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PostSubject: __:Brooks Bio:__   Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:59 pm

Name: Brook
Age: 5 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Tundra wolf
Rank: Leader

Mother: Nutmeg - Nutmeg was a striking brown wolf who fell in love with a warrior named blue, after successfully having her first litter of three pups she finds she wants to become a nanny. See soon finds she is having another litter of pups, but while she was having her pups there were a few complications, two out of the three pups died, leaving just Brook. Nutmeg died a few months later on a hunting trip with Blue.  [Deceased]
Father: Blue - Blue was a mysterious wolf, he was strong and handsome but had many secrets. He had been born a loner, but then joined the pack. Nutmeg fell for him and the eventually had two litters of pups, Blue never liked pups and never embraced them as his. A few months after his second litters birth, he went on a hunting trip with Nutmeg. No one knows what happened that day, but all we know is Nutmeg was dead, and  Blue had run away. [Unknown]
Siblings: Lightning, Thunder & Bolt (from Nutmegs first litter), Stream & Lake (died at birth)  
Other Family: undetermined
Friends: undetermined

Build: Light, sleek & streamline, great for running & swimming.
Fur:  Brook is a stunning gray tone that sometimes appears to be almost blue in the right light that, she has darker spots of gray/black on her back & muzzle. Her fur is a lot longer than most wolves due to her heritage of Tundra wolves.
Eyes: Brooks eyes are a piercing shade of light blue, they match grayish white coat.

Personality: Brook is wise & intelligent. Brook Is sweet to almost all wolves (except
for loners) and tolerant of other wolves in the pack. Brook will try to avoid fights or battles breaking out the best she can, see is fiercely loyal. Brook always tries to see the brighter side of things, to keep positive. Brook will always be willing to give a hand, even if it's outside her comfort zone. She is calm and collected & loves to swim.  
Likes: Helping, being organised, snow, hills, Water/swimming, mountains & guiding other wolves.
Dislikes: Being hot/warm, fighting & dry flat lands.
Strengths: Speed, stamina, scent/nose, swimming & her knowledge & positivity.
Weaknesses: Strength, getting to hot, noisy situations.

History: Six months after her mother had died brook was training to be a healer after she had sustained a bad bear bite , she was out on a normal trip looking for herbs when an awful cry broke out at the pack den, the where under attack! brook knew that the pack was not strong enough to fight, and neither was she, so she bolted. The night air was warm, so warm in fact it was about to pour down with rain. Brook could hear the growling & screeching of her old pack as they were torn apart. that moment the heavens opened and the rain pelted down on to the cold ground of the tundra.
brook had been running for hours, she couldn't see where she was going, or where she was now, but she pushed on. Brook finally found a small cave to rest in for the night, she walked in and the clave floor was freezing but she forced her tired body to lie down.
The next morning brook woke up as soon as the sun had rose, and she set off on a journey to a place she could call home.
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__:Brooks Bio:__
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